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Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base is located about 18 kilometers from Ya'an Town and about 150 kilometers from Chengdu City. The Panda Base has covered an area of over 1074 Mu with currently 22 giant pandas living within the site. Besides being a paradise for the giant panda, it is also contributed a lot for the captive raising, reproduction and rare wild animal rescuing.

Do you want to be a panda volunteer here?
Requirements Needed

You need to be 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult. Also you need to be in good physical health with a positive attitude to volunteering.


Activities Included

1, Preparing the food for the pandas (such as apples, panda bread, carrots, bamboo)
2, Serve the pandas food, clean their enclosures and ensure they are secure in their environment
3, Occasionally volunteers are asked to participate in research of the pandas 
4, Help in providing medicalcare for the pandas
To be a panda volunteer, you have to book with us 10 days in advance. Send us your scanned passport and health certificate within one month.
How much is it cost to be a panda volunteer?
The cost depends on how many days you want to be the panda volunteer.
Volunteer program     200RMB/person/day for management fee
                             200RMB/person/week for garment
                             118RMB/person for entance ticket
(no matter how many days will you be volunteer there, just need to pay this tiket for one time)
Also, you can ask our experienced guide to arrange for you to take picture photo with pandas (hold panda baby for photo in your lap) in cub panda house, of course taking picture photo with baby panda cost you extra(as donation fund).
More information and tailormade private volunteer tour, you can find us from

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