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Floraland Amusement Park


Floraland Amusement Park

Rapids is brave in moving forward
As the boat carries you up slowly, your heart also follows As you look down at the top, only heartbeat 'putongputong' rhythmically beat At the height of 15m, the boat dives in a nearly vertical angle. What is the weightlessness? Your heart is left at the climax, and you have tocry and screech As the spray falls, you feel your selves truly. 

Travel of challenger
It is an updated large horizontal shaft rolling amusement machine at home. The people sit on the arc cabin facing outwards. The large arm accelerates the sway greatly in 120 degrees, and the cabin rotates clockwise and anticlockwise in 360 degrees! It is so adventurous and
exciting! 16m is not very high for you. Are you brave? Do you like challenge? Another 29 people same as you will absolutely cry and screech together withyou in the challenge journey.  

Windmill with terminal velocity 
It is a large innovative and hi-tech
amusement facility. There are six bracket arms are fixed on the main arm. In the cabin on each bracket arm, there are five seats. When the equipment moves, the hydraulic cylinder lifts the stand column
slowly, and then the main arm revolves positively and negatively and the bracket arms rotate ositively and negatively. Meanwhile, because of the change of the barycenter, the cabin tumbles freely and irregularly, and various movement ways are overlapped. 

Two-layer Horse 
The everlasting amusement facilities at all corners of the amusement ground, Jin Chengwu's doldrums and Liang Yongqi's enchantment, in addition to their love, all are in your heart? The rotating horse is still in your heart? Now, you can have
your own rotating horse and go ahead
regardless of the direction. Ħ°Luxury
double-layer rotating horseĦħ is characterized by advanced domestic
decoration and design, noble and elegant appearance, and magnificent inner decoration.. 

 Self-sliding car 
Did you experience roller coaster? Did youexperience drift? Yes or no, it doesn't matter, because you will enjoy the excitement of the roller coaster as well as the dangerousness of the drift. The rail brings down and up, and the roller coaster freely rotates to present a limitless pleasure like in a boat in the burble. note book:

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