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Chengdu International relations

List of twin towns and sister cities in China
In 1979, Chengdu signed a sister city agreement with Montpellier, France, the first pair of Sino-French sister cities.

Later Chengdu signed sister city agreements with cities in ten countries, as well as signing a friendly region agreement with the Dalarna province in Sweden. Chengdu has had many friendly exchanges with the sister cities.

Montpellier, for example, has a Chengdu Street and a Chengdu Plaza. The soccer team Chengdu Blades is owned by Sheffield United F.C.

 Baku, Azerbaijan
 Montpellier, France; since 1979.
 Ljubljana, Slovenia; since 1981.
 Linz, Austria; since 1983.
 Kofu, Japan; since 1983.
 Knoxville, United States.
 Phoenix, United States; since 1986.
 Winnipeg, Canada; since 1988.
 Mechelen, Belgium; since 1993.
 Volgograd, Russia; since 1994.
 Saint-Petersburg, Russia; since 1998.
 Palermo, Italy; since 1999.
 Gimcheon, South Korea; since 2000.
 Medan, Indonesia; since 2001.
 Dalarna (province), Sweden; since 2004.
 Bonn, Germany; since 2009.


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