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Luojiang Pang Tong Temple and Tomb

Listed as one of the country's key protected cultural sites, Luojiang Pang Tong Temple and Tomb was originally built by Liu Bei after Pang Tong was killed in the year 19 under Jian An's reign (A.D.214 ). The entire architectural layout features a 4-entrance quadrangle, a compound with houses of both stone and wood structures built on the four sides of a courtyard in an order of Mountain Gate, Palace of ”°Dragon and Phoenix”±, Palace of ”°Resting Phoenix”± and Pang Tong's Tomb. Also housed in the temple are statues of both Pang Tong and Zhu Geliang as well as historic relics and written documents of past dynasties.

Add: Baimaguan, Lutoushan, Luojiang County
Tel: 0838-3121965

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