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Credit Card Authorization

Travel Agency
1. I hereby authorize the tourism business service of the _______________company in debit the following credit card as settlement of the below mention charge.
2. Type of Your Credit Card
             VISA CARD                        MASTER CARD                   JCB CARD         
             DINERS CARD                   AMERICAN EXPRESS          BANK OF CHINA.
             CHINA MERCHANTS BANK                                          CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK.
3. Basic Information
Transaction Amount:
Travel Service Type:
Group Number:
4. Credit Card Information (Please fills it in true and details)
Cardholder Name:
Card Number:                             
Expiry Date(m/y):
Cardholder Contact: (Company)                 (Tel)                  (E-mail)
Cardholder Address:                                                  Code.
ID Card Number of Cardholder:                   
Authorized Signature:                               (as it appears on card)
5. In order to facilitate the transaction, please fax or email return together with scan copy of both the front and back side of the credit card. Our company will conserve the materials carefully and don't absolutely let the third-party know it. Authorized person should fill another authorized letter with any change regarding this Authorized Letter; otherwise all issue must be under this letter.
This agreement is irrevocable and confirms personal liability.
6. I agree the authorized by _________travel agency to deduct all charge for service from the specified credit cards.
7. Disobey Contact: If we have already order the hotel and ticket, then you cancel the journey plan. We will take out the penalty charge according to the service agreement.
Penalty Charge: ________
8. Expiry Date of authorized letter: ____day ___ month ___ year.
Cardholder Authorized Signature:                   Processor Signature:
____day ___ month ___ year                      ____day ___ month ___ year
Please print out this form, fill-in completely to followed address:
  Address:                                           P.C:
  Tel:                                                   Fax:

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