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Girl's Day in Guangyuan, Sichuan

Girl's Day is one of the customs of ethnic Han which is famous in Guangyuan, Sichuan province. The legend had it that the empress Wuzetian's mother who swum in the river and got pregnant after ran into the black dragon and gave birth to Wuzetian on the 23rd day in Chinese lunar calendar.
And then the birth date of Wuzetian turned into girl's day from the ancient time. On that day, people go to the Huang Ze Temple and Jialing River for fun. Ladies wear new clothes and decorations and have fun around the river for the purpose of obtaining luck.
After Republic of China was founded, the festival was stopped for a long time. And then Gaungyuan government decided to restore this folk festival in 1988 and named it the Girl's Day on 1st, Sepetember in the Gregorian calendar. Now Guangyuan city will be decorated for new appearance and traditional art will be performed as well as other folk activities on the festival which will be quite lively.

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