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Eating in Chengdu

Twice-cooked pork

Boil ham, then stir-fly it, steam ham first then stir-fly it. Then dish is of red intermingled green, evenly sliced pork, and strong arome. It is slight hot with a little bit sweet.

Gongbao Chicken

As a traditional Sichuan dish, it is made from chicken, dry chill, and peanuts, which was invented by Ding Baozhen's che fin the end of Qing Dynasty.( DingBaozhen was the Junior Guardian of the Heir-Apparent, honourably named 'Gongbao')

Mapo Beancurd


Dated back to the early years of Tongzhi period of Qing Dynasty, the dish was first cooked in Wanfuqiao, north suburb of Chengdu, and featured'braised skills'. Smashed beef and green leaks and garlic sprouts are seen as dressings on beancurd, accompanied by chilli oil; the dish is hot, spicy, tender, soft, palatable, and fresh.

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