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Main Parks in Chengdu

Culture Park which is next close to Qingyang Palance with Sichuan opera inside named Shufengyayun which has a high reputation.
Address: Qintai Road, Wuhou district, Chengdu
Tel: (028)87769637

Baihuatan Park which is famous for its potted landscape inside is as well as a good place for recreation. It is open from 08:30am-20:00pm.
Address: Fangling Road, Qingyang district, Chengdu
Huanhauxi Park which is the biggest free park and there is a 388 long ˇ°poem laneˇ± which is engraved with pretty much classic famous poem verses and more than 300 poets' sculptures on the both said of the lane. It is open from 08:00am-17:30pm.
Address: Qinghua Road, Qingyang district, Chengdu.
Renmin Park which is the earliest park in Sichuan with a well-known monument to memory the persons who joined the road-protect uprising in autumn in China history inside. Besides, there is a Heming teahouse inside which is quite famous in Chengdu. The park is open from 06:00am-22:30pm in spring and from 06:30am-22:00pm in winter.
Address: Shaocheng Road, Qingyang district, Chengdu
Tel: (028)86139234

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