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Sheraton Jiuzhaigou International Hotel-5 star


The hotel's property reveals a scientific design, planned according to the shapes and the circumstances of water and and of mountains bringing together a traditional style as well as a light and bright modern appearance. Three magnificent structures on the grounds include the art showplace, the Animals year-symbol art square, and the sign tower. The hotel is adorned by green and white colors suitably expressing the elegant and beautiful artistic conception.


The hotel is in possession of 566 rooms and suites of various styles. The exquisite indoor decorations enable you to feel the variousThere are 10 different styles restaurants that provide Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Western food, Huaiyang cuisine, as well as Tibetan and Qiang flavor dishes.

The hotel offers four types of Conference halls in addition to ten rooms which could be used for seminars, meetings, or negotiations. The Jiuzhaigou Grand Theatre, with a capacity of 523 people, is equipped with first class facilities such as a revolving stage and audio system. Here guests can enjoy the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic song and dance performance.

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