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Sam's Guesthouse Chengdu youth hostel


The history of Sam's guesthouse
The history of Sam's guesthouse is interesting and a bit unusual. It involves business and the role of particular women in traditional China.
During the Ming dynasty some 400 years ago, various salt dealers and merchants from Shannxi province sought a perfect location with plenty of 'beautiful women.' After considerable search, a place was found which met the fengshui requirements. Three years passed before the building was finished. 'Beautiful women'' were plentiful.
The original building became a business center attracting merchants thorughout China. Over the years, various prominent personalities stayed here, including the Dalai Lama.
Today Sam's guesthouse is peaceful and serene. It has a spacious courtyard, ancient structure and a traditional atmosphere that's attractive to foreign guests, and Chinese travelers. The mansion gives guests a moment to appreciate a bit of old chinese culture away from the hectic lifestyle of modern Chengdu.

Matching facilities:
Direct Dial Telephone, Payphone, Car Parkin, Secure Parking, Laundry Facilities, Fax/Photocopying Service,Meeting Facilities, Breakfast
Not Included:
TV ,Air Conditioning ,Desk

Address:No.130 Shanxijie Street


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