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Presents to tourists who choose
Welcome to panda home and wish you could bring our friendship back to your home.
1. To our tourist:
---A bottle of water everyday;
---A souvenir photo
2. To our tour group organizer:
---A bottle of water everyday
---A souvenir photo
---A brochure of Tibetan photograph by famous Chinese Photographer
Presents to who write feedback to
The travelers who bought our products and services (like package tours, rent a car, book a hotel, etc.) email a feedback to us could get a brochure of Tibetan photograph by famous Chinese Photographer.
Presents to who take our other tours: prepares different gifts for different reservation.
1. Book our tour above 3 days you will get the gifts as:
---Mask of Sichuan opera or Panda doll, Chinese knot.
2. Book our tour around 4-6 days you will get gifts as:
---A small bag of tea or enjoy the Chengdu folk snacks.
3. Book our tour around 7-9 day you will get the extra gifts as:
---View the Sichuan opera (face changing) or Souvenir of Shadow plays show.     
4. Book our tour above 10 days will you get the gifts as:
---Cell phone SIM card (50RMB inside).
Any ideas or requests please let us know. You are always welcome!

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