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Style: Sichuan Cuisine
Property: milky white juice; Chinese-white snow peas; moderately cooked pork hock; original flavor, sweet-scented.
Ingredients: pork hock, snow pea, scallion cuts, Shaoxing rice wine, ginger, Sichuan salt

Recipe: Clean the pork hock, make a cut into the cracks on it and then put into stockpot for complete boiling. Then transfer it into casserole with pig bones at the bottom, add the original soups derived from boiling meat, in sufficient amount at one time, and then pour scallion cuts, ginger and Shaoxing rice wine into the casserole being heated over high fire till it is boiled. Next, transfer it to low fire to be browsed 3 hours, till when the out skin of can be easily broken in at light poke. The dish is served along with Sichuan salt and soup and snow pea in the bowl. A dip of soy sauce may be followed if you like.

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