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The origin of Sichuan Cuisine can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties, although its recognition as a distinct regional system took place only in the Song Dynasty. The raw materials are delicacies from land and river, edible wild herbs, and the meat of domestic animals and birds. Masterly used cooking techniques are saute, stir fry without stewing, dry braise,PAO (soak in water) and Hui (fry then braise with cornflour sauce).

Sichuan Cuisine is famous for its distinct and various flavors, the most outstanding ones are fish flavors, pepper powder boiled in oil, strange flavor and sticky-hot. Famous dishes are fried diced chicken with chili sauce, Zhang Tea Duck, Mapo Tofu, chafing dish with pig's stomach, and cabbage in boiling water.

Here is a list of Sichuan dishes:
Holland Beans with Ginger Juice
Clubben Chicken
Port Slice with Sizzling Rice
Sauted Eel Shreds
Fish Head in Bean Curd Soup
Fish Flavored Eggplant
Steamed Yellow Croaker
Boiled Cabbage
Crystal Shrimps
Fish-Flavored Pork
Steamed Beef with Ground Rice
Twice-cooked Pork
Stewed Duck
Duck Slices with Ginger

How to cook

1.Holland Beans with Ginger Juice
10g ginger
150g Holland beans

Finely chop the ginger, add salt and a little wine, leave for a while, squeeze out the juice.
Stir-fry the Holland beans till just done, add the ginger juices, condiments and salt, toss.

2.Clubben Chicken
1 spring chickenc
10g shredded scallion

Clean the chicken, bind the wings and legs to the body.
Puncture the thick meat parts with bamboo needles, boil till done, remove and cool.
Cut out the breast and leg meat, club lightly till soft, shred and transfer to a plate.
Put shredded white scallion around the chicken, pour on hot sauce.

3.Port Slice with Sizzling Rice
150g pork fillet
250g rice crust
15g black fungus
10g pickled red
50g winter bamboo shoots

Slice the pork, add cornstarch, cooking wine and salt, mix well.
Cut the winter bamboo shoots into thin slices. Make a sauce out of soup-stock.
Stir-fry pork slices in 7-fold hot oil, add scallion, ginger, garlic
slices, winter bamboo shoot slices, black fungus and pickled red
chilis, stir-fry, pour in sauce, bring to the boil and transter to a bowl.
Deep-fry the rice crust in 8-fold oil till it comes up to the surface, transfer to a plate, pour on a spoonful of hot oil, pour on the pork sauce.

4.Sauted Eel Shreds
500g eels
100g celery

Clean and shred the eels, saute and remove when the water is nearly gone.
Deep-fry dried hot chilis, when the flavor comes out, remove; pour in eel shreds, saute for some minutes, add salt, chili bean sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, chili shreds, scallion, ginger, MSG and celery, stir-fry, sprinkle with vinegar, transfer to a plate, sprinkle with wild pepper and ginger shreds.

5.Fish Head in Bean Curd Soup
two fish heads
50g mushrooms
100g bean curd
soy sauce
cooking wine

Deep-fry the fish heads.
Add chili bean sauce, scallion, ginger, minced garlic and soup, salt, MSG, Pepper and cooking wine.
When the fish heads are done, add bean sheet jelly, bring to the boil,thicken, sprinke with garlic shoots.

6.Fish Flavored Eggplant
250g eggplant
50g chili bean sauce

Peel and score the eggplants, cut into chunks and deep-fry till soft, remove.
Fry chili bean sauce till the flavor comes out, add finely chopped scallion and ginger, put in white sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, clear soup and the egg plants, thicken with cornstarch solution.

7.Steamed Yellow Croaker
2 yellow croaker (1000g)
100g shredded pork
pickled chili shreds
scallion and ginger shreds
25g mushroom shreds
25g shreded winter bamboo shoots
25g hot pickled mustard tuber

Clean the yellow croaker, score on both sides, season in cooking wine, salt, scallion, ginger and pepper for half an hour.
Saute pork shreds in a wok, drop in chili shreds, scallion and ginger shreds, saute, add shredded mushrooms, shredded winter bamboo shoots, shredded hot pickled mustard tuber, then add soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine and MSG, stir-fry well, pour over the croaker.
Steam the croaker till done, remove and sprinkle with scallion shreds, pour on hot oil.

8.Boiled Cabbage
750g cabbage hearts
one hen
1000g pork chops

Clean the chicken, and put into a casserole with pork chops and ham, add water and bring to the boil, skim, stew over a low heat to make clear soup.
Take the cabbage hearts, score the roots with criss-cross diagonal cuts then sald.
Put the cabbage hearts into a bowl, pour in the clear soup and steam till done.

9.Crystal Shrimps
50g fresh peas
150g shrimps, salt, pepper, dried cornstarch
200g pea shoots
1 egg white

Steep the shrimps with a little soda powder then rinse with water, wipe dry with a towel.
Add salt, pepper, egg white and dry cornstarch, saute in oil till done, drain away the oil.
With some oil in the wok, drop in minced ginger, shrimps, fresh peas and saute.
Pour in a pre-mixed sauce of cornstarch solution, salt, pepper and clear soup, stir-fry, transfer to a plate, decorate with green pea shoots.

10.Fish-Flavored Pork
200g lean pork
50g bamboo shoots
50g black fungus
20g pickled chili
25g scallion
15g garlic
10g ginger

Shred the pork, bamboo shoots and black fungus.
Mix the seasonings, add to soup-stock, bring to the boil and thicken with cornstarch.
Saute pork shreds in 6-fold hot oil, add ginger, garlic, and pickled chili till the fish-flavor comes out.
Drop in bamboo slices and black fungus, add the thickened soup.

11.Steamed Beef with Ground Rice
500g beef
75g spiced ground rice
50g coriander
10g sweet fermented flour sauce

De-Vein and slice the beef.
Add beans, fermented glutinous rice juice, soy sauce, prickly ash powder, hot chili powder, mashed garlic and ground rice.
Stir well.
Steam the beef till soft and tender.
Add seasonings, garnish with coriander.

12 Steamed Beef with Ground Rice
500g beef
75g spiced ground rice
50g coriander
10g sweet fermented flour sauce

De-Vein and slice the beef.
Add beans, fermented glutinous rice juice, soy sauce, prickly ash powder, hot chili powder, mashed garlic and ground rice.
Stir well.
Steam the beef till soft and tender.
Add seasonings, garnish with coriander.

13.Stewed Duck
1 duck(500g)
150g pork shreds
25g pickled chili shreds

Clean and scald the duck, then wipe dry; coat the skin with sugar solution, leave to dry.
Stir-fry pork shreds in a wok, add thick chili bean sauce, mustard greens, pickled
chili shreds, five spices powder (prickly ash, star aniseed, sinnamon, clove, fennel),
Put the pork shreds into the duck and seal up the duck's anus, stew till done, take out, remove the pork shreds, and mustard greens.
Cut the duck into slices, place on a plate together with pork shreds, mustard greens,
pancakes and sauce.

14.Duck Slices with Ginger
one smoked duck
150g tender ginger
50g garlic bolt

Bone and slice the duck, saute in oil, drop in chili bean sauce and ginger slices.
Stir-fry till the flavor comes out, drop in green peppers and garlic bolt, stir-fry, add soy sauce, white sugar, cooking wine and MSG, stir-fry.

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