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Twice cooked pork, literally 'meat that has been returned to the pot'; also called double cooked pork, along with Mapo Dofu, hot pot and Kung Pao chicken, is probably the best-known Sichuan-style Chinese dish. The process of cooking twice cooked pork involves first boiling belly pork steak chunks with slices of ginger and salt, then after being cut into thin slices, the pork is returned to a wok and shallow fried in hot oil. The most common vegetables to accompany the pork in twice cooked pork are cabbage and peppers.

The Sichuan people are said to have a tradition of enjoying a feast every 1st and 15th of lunar months, with this dish as the main course. There are two most common ways to cook this dish: a) simply cook the meat done, then fry it with ingredients, b) fry the meat without ingredients till it is done, then fry the ingredients only for a while, and finally fry them together.

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