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Sichuan has abundant water and good water quality, many of the names appear in Sichuan special wine offers unique conditions. Sichuan have been making wine of 2000 years history. Ancient craftsmen used their own wisdom, brewing up a lot of places with strong characteristics to identify the name of the wine. The wines in its long history, brewing process excellent, the wine unique, renowned since ancient times.
Among the many wines in Sichuan, there are five most famous names: Wuliangye, Luzhou, Mianzhu Jiannanchun, Quanxing Daqu, Gulin Langjiu.


Price: 300 yuan/bottle

Manufacturer: Yibin Wuliangye Distillery Co., Ltd.

Address: Sichuan Minjiang Road

Yibin Wuliangye No. 150 is the liquor, with the 'aroma long finish is mellow, sweet entry, Ruhou net cool, the taste coordination, just right' unique style. Since 1915, this brand won the Panama International Fair was the first gold medal, it has got 32 gold medals so far by the international and domestic. 1994 was the fiftieth World Statistics Conference named 'King of the Chinese wine industry.' 'Wuliangye' trademark was awarded the first batch of 'China Top Ten well-known trademarks.' In 1996, the ideal consumer brand, the actual purchase of the brand and the brand of choice for the three shopping market competitiveness survey, are listed as the first. At present, 'Wuliangye' brand value 3.585 billion yuan, ranking the highest in the Chinese wine industry.

Luzhou Laojiao

Price: 80 yuan/bottle

Manufacturer: Distillery Luzhou, Sichuan Luzhou Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Luzhou Plaza, Golden State Jazz Cellar Deluxe Tequ, by the 'national treasure pit' 400 old pit fermentation aroma, well-brewed traditional crafts, made by a long time storage. The wine crystal, aromatic and elegant, soft harmonization. 'Color, smell and taste,' called Ruin, wine style, set hundreds of old pit essence of the flavor yeast poly millennium. This wine importers in Hong Qin stomach, Fragrance Huichangdangqi, endless, belch choking after drinking to Hong, carried away; the packaging of luxury, elegance, in fact, the top grade wines, known as ’the first bottle of the East��?high collection value.


Price: 125 yuan/bottle

Manufacturer:Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Sichuan Mianzhu Jiannanchun West Jiannanchun

Series wine selection sorghum, rice, wheat, rice, raw food made of corn wine. Mi set by the two thousand, unique. The authority of the test, Jiannanchun liquor possess alcohol on the human body much more than trace elements. 60 Chinese wines have won many Jiannanchun national, provincial and international quality gold. "Jiannanchun" was identified as Chinese famous brand.

GSK Daqu

Price: 83 yuan/bottle

Manufacturer: Chengdu, Sichuan Quanxing Group Co., Ltd.

Address: West Taurus Dobashi outside Chengdu.

Sichuan Quanxing Daqu to sorghum and wheat as raw materials, combined with superior wheat system into the middle for the saccharification fermentation temperature Daqu agent, a 'former pit heap worse hierarchical method' production process (fermentation pits old age requirement to achieve 'pit cooked bad alcohol, esterification full'), subject to stringent distillation, and carefully hook right, sub-forum steps of scientific storage regularly brewed. GSK Daqu to 'pit strong flavor and alcohol coordination, mellow Ganlie, cool down the net mouth,' the unique flavor was Guo as 'Trillium wine.'


Price: 96 yuan/bottle

Manufacturer: Sichuan Langjiu Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Sichuan Gulin Jiro wines in the country ranks in the town, Maotai the Langjiu, was able to form unique style, high-quality wine, it is saying the process is closely linked, inextricably linked. This process is the so-called ’high temperature' 'two cast grain', 'Back to the sand fermentation', 'nine steam brewing', 'seven to take wine', 'Chen storage for three years', 'blending hook plate'.

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