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Also known as "Chuan embroidery", produced in Chengdu, Sichuan. As early as the Han Dynasty, Chengdu woven cotton industry was very well developed. A special court was set up to manage Kam official.

Shu embroidery was centered in Chengdu, Sichuan embroidery producted collectively. It colored satin and silk as the main raw material, the use of unique embroidery technology, embroidered quilt cover, pillow, clothing, shoes and painted screen and so on. Shu embroidery, embroidery and needle characteristics can be summarized as: 'pin-neat, bright rays, soft close, twist car home.' The so-called 'car' is a key component of embroidery, such as animal eyes, flower petals, etc., from the center of the needles, and gradually extended to four weeks. The so-called 'screw' refers to the use of different pin lengths, from the periphery of the image gradually inward embroidery needle or by needle Tim. This unique embroidery made embroidery works of Zhang relaxation, strength, moderation, decency Confidential Memorandum, which, Shu embroidery with Ink Drawings by more than the artistic effect. Production plants in Chengdu Shu Shu embroidery embroidery art treasures in the most prestigious work to the number of 'whip Rong Lei' strip screen. This product in white satin, and with several flower pink flower to set off the whip Rong, 7 plumpness and fullness of the carp, the size varies, swim with the post, Yaotoubaiwei, free. Look, some dynamic and some static, some floating in the water, some submerged in water, and structured.

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