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What mountain in Sichuan, combined with unique natural and geographical environment, climate conditions excellent comprehensive, plain living wild, drought from the people and rich resources. Therefore, the tea in Sichuan particular drink, the country, there are several well-known tea, which contains the Sichuan tea culture is quite strong and unique.

Mengding Tea:

Mengding tea is a famous mountain tea in China, belong to tender green tea. The rain season here is as long as nine mouths each year. The temperature is relatively cool on the slope of the mountain. This environment is ideal for the mountain tea. As early as in the western Han Dynasty (202 BC-24AD), a farmer called Wu Lizhen discovered a special tea species amid the foggy peaks on Mengding Mt. He was believed to be the founder of the Mengding tea gardens. In Tang Dynasty the best tea gardens were assigned to be the royal garden. Every year around the Tomb Sweeping Festival, the local governor would be dress in ceremonial attires, offering sacrifices to gods, and asked the Buddhist priests to worship the tea trees, the picked up 365 pieces of tea leaves. When processing the leaves. the Buddhist monks would be praying around. There 365 pieces leaves will be called the 'holy tea' and reserved in two silver bottles. It would be used in the Emperor's sacrificial ceremony to their ancestors. The local officers would also pick some other leaves, process them to the tea products. Then reserve the tea in another 18 tin bottles, which was called the 'ordinary tea' or 'secondary tea' for the royal family' daily life. This traditional had been kept from the Tang Dynasty (618-906AD) to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911AD) for more than a thousand years.


Emeishan Zhuyeqing (Bamboo green tea)

Grown in Southwestern China's Mount Emei, Zhuyeqing tea is relatively young compared to other famous Chinese tea. It was discovered by Foreign Minister General Chen Yi in 1964. Impressed by its quality, he enquired about it. When told it hadn't had a name, General Chen proceeded to name it Zhuyeqing, because the leaves resemble bamboo shoots.

Qingcheng tea:
Qingcheng is not only a long history of tea, but tea is also very rich varieties. According to the Five Mao Wenxi 'tea spectrum' record: 'Qingcheng, the transverse source, Qiaogua, nib, wheat teeth, made of cover whichever shoots'. Qingcheng snow bud in recent years to explore the ancient tea production techniques, according to the characteristics of Qingcheng tea, traditional tea absorb the advantages of technology, improvement, development, creation formed.

Ping Shan tea:
Ping Shan Roasted famous tea produced in the Pingshan Corporation, the company produced tea 'Lake Villa', high-quality tea 'Ping Roasted' export green tea, jasmine tea, and refined cup series. Tea since 2089, 'Lake Villa', high-quality tea 'Ping Roasted' multiple tem Sichuan Food Festival Gold Award. 2092 'Lake Villa' food fair gold medal by the Asia Pacific region, the product sold outside the province, is welcomed by all friends welcome.


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