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Travel with Giant Panda


Sichuan is the homeland of giant panda, with a recent survey revealing that 80% of the world's 1596 pandas live in Sichuan province of this country. The main habitat of panda is a vast area extending between Dadu River and Min River among precincts of Chengdu, Ya'an, Chongzhou, Dayi, Pengzhou, Aba and Ganzi, measuring 180 kilometers from north to south and 40-70 kilometers west to east.

The special geological and geomorphologic conditions of Sichuan contribute to an agreeable encironment for Panda, whose natural habitat is hillside bamboo bush at an altitude of 2000-3500  meters. (Other facts about pandas: live a nomandic life alone; nocturnal and diurnal; good olfaction, inferior sight and hearing; moving clumsily; good climber and able swimmer; feed on bamboo leaves, shoots and stalk, as well as small animals and bird eggs; breeding in spring with a pregnancy of 80-160 days, litter size 1-2; lifespan 25-30 years, sexually mature at 5-7 years old.)

Panda sightings indicated a well-preserved natural environment, local governments thus set up various parks and natural reserves for conservation as well as sightseeing.

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