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Time: May every year
Venue: Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province

Origin: The stimulating drifting tour has been loved by many people in recent years. The US magazine National Geography has included the drifting tour on the Yangtze River among the 25 most attractive and challenging activities in the 21st century. The China Panzhihua International Yangtze River Drifting Festival jointly sponsored by the Panzhihua Municipal People's Government, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Sichuan TV Station is an activity making full use of the Yangtze River drifting resources and integrating holiday, exploration and scientific research. With the purpose of ‘ecology, environmental protection and affections among ethnic groups', this festival will make participants understand how human beings challenge nature and win over nature, thus enjoying happiness from returning to nature.

What's On: During the festival, two drifting routes on Jinshajiang River Section along the upper reach of the Yangtze River are recommended. Major contests include the most breathtaking 25-km drifting speed contest and 71-km long gentle but tense drifting rally. Items of the ethnic affable cup contest, journalist cup co test and tourist leisure drafting are also held.

Main Tourist Attractions: Ertan National Forest Park, Dahei Mountain Scenic Area, Hongge Hot Spring, Black Dragon Cave, etc.
Transport: Tourists can fly directly to Panzhihua, or fly to Chengdu, and then go to Panzhihua by train.

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