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Time: On the 10th day of the fifth month (about mid July) and the 10th day of the sixth month (about mid August) by the Tibetan calendar every year
Venue: Dege County, Sichuan Province

Origin: Biography of King Gesar, a world-renowned Tibetan heroic epic, describes the splendid achievements of King Gesar in his life. The long epic has been widely circulated and sung among the Tibetan people for hundreds of years. King Gesar, the embodiment of wisdom and poer, is the hero of the Tibetan people, who was good at subduing various demons and ghosts, and defeating all enemies. With the Gesar's folklore culture and the long epic Bigography of King Gesar as the background, and on the basis of the Tibetan Opera on Gesar, the Gesar Folklore Art Festival is a large cultural activity, mainly reflecting the multi cultures (mainly Kangba culture) of the Tibetan people.

What's On: Tibetan Opera on Gesar
Main Tourist Attractions: Konggar Mountain Scenic Area, Conch Ravine Scenic Area, Mogai Co Scenic Area, Tarkung Monastery, Letang monastery and Tarkung Grassland.

Transport: Tourists can fly to Chengdu, and then go to Dege County by long-distance bus.

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